Basic checklist for inspecting lifting equipment

Inspection of lifting equipment is a very critical matter which holds utmost importance for the sake of your workers’ life safety. This is why it is very essential to conduct an appropriate inspection of all your lifting equipment along with its accessories at least once in 6 months to ensure its stability and functionality. For this purpose hiring a professional inspector is very necessary because only he would be capable to meet all the standards which are essential in inspecting such type of equipment.

But before consulting any professional inspector you have to make sure that whether he possess some valid certification in this genre or not like that from NEBOSH course in UAE. If not then you should go with ISO consulting companies in order to get the most skillful and well trained inspectors so that they could meet all the required standards. This aspect holds great importance because a proper inspection will verify all the basic standards which are quite essential for the safe use of lifting equipment.

Suitability of equipment

This factor is of huge importance because in some industries people buy a less load bearing equipment in order to save money but this would result in huge loss in terms of accidental breakdown if your workload is more than an equipment can normally bear. So this point is of utmost importance to be inspected that either the equipment is suitable for the intended use or not. Secondly the inspection team will also verify that if the equipment is appropriate for a specific working environment or not because weather conditions may also hinder performance of certain machineries.

Appropriate assembling

Well almost every lifting equipment require frequent reassembling while taking them from one location to another because obviously you just can’t take such huge machinery in the assembled form. For this purpose an appropriate inspection is conducted after every reassembling to ensure that each part is installed in the most appropriate manner. Any loose or unfitted part could lead to severe incidents that is why a proper inspection is necessary.

Strength and functionality

After verifying the suitability the next step is to evaluate the strength and functionality of the equipment that either it is stable enough or not. In this factor the inspection team will monitor all the causative agents which could hinder the performance of the equipment like rough terrain, uneven slopes and harsh weather conditions. This strategy is of great importance because instead of investing on frequent repairing or compensating huge loss, it is better to work on the identification of causative agents and take certain steps to minimize their damaging effect.

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