Intensities General How is vape juice more harmful than Cigarettes?

How is vape juice more harmful than Cigarettes?

With modernization the use of e-cigarettes, also called vaping is increasing day by day, and this dangerous trend is posing serious health threats to youngsters. Many people especially the young generation accept the use of vape juice as a safe alternative to the traditional smoking which is not true.

People believe the use of vape juice in electronic vaporizers is a way to hep them quit smoking but research shows that, this is the opposite of what actually happens. Those who start vaping to quit smoking are more likely to continue smoking alongside e-cigarettes which is called as `dual use`. Dual use is more dangerous than just smoking.

There are plenty of reasons why the use of vape juice is more harmful than smoking cigarettes.

  • Vaping is like smoking but it uses vape juice that contains nicotine, this substance is highly addictive and harms the brain in many ways. The most common users of vape juice are teenagers and kids who are exposed to nicotine, and sometimes they are exposed to a lot more nicotine than cigarettes.
  • Along with nicotine there are a lot of other chemicals in vape juice used for vaping, that cause lung related diseases and even cancer. The users of e-cigarettes inhale the contaminants and intoxicate themselves and people around them.
  • Youth is attracted to vaping a lot more than the traditional smoking because of all the flavoring and modern tools used for it. But it is way more threatening than the traditional cigarettes because in vape juice you can choose to have a much higher level of nicotine which is not an option in old-style smoking.
  • Some latest e-cigarettes are launched into the market that contain portion of marijuana as well as nicotine in the e-juice used in them. Marijuana chemicals have a long lasting and severe effect on the brains of teen and growing children.
  • A chemical called Formaldehyde was found in the juice used in vaping, studies show that this chemical is identified to cause cancer in humans.
  • Although no smoke is produced from vaping but the aerosols contain benzene which is a harmful carcinogen. And a lot of other toxic substances that harm everyone around the vape user especially indoors.
  • Another danger that e-cigarettes pose is exploding in the mouth of user who is using that e-cigarette. Those electronic vaporizers use batteries that can explode due to many reasons and can be dangerous for the user. 

So, these are a few reasons how vape juice are more harmful. Although we order vape juice and have vapes online in Dubai, we forget its consequences.

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