What is the average cost of making a will?

Planning a well as one of the difficult things one has to do. It is not an easy task and if you have lot of assets and children with grandchildren. you need to think clearly about the situation after you die. You need to decide the amount you want to save for your funeral, writing up a power of attorney and beneficiaries for your accounts. Cost of making will in Dubai or in RAKICC is complicated procedure, you have to consider each and every detail.

Firstly, you need to list of all the assets you one. It could be your savings, financial accounts, home, vehicles and other valuables. Life Insurance is also an important factor that is added in the will. After listing the Assets, you need to list of the number of dependents you have in your home.

You can write your will on your own and also can hire an attorney. Whether you hire an attorney or not these important decisions will be taken by the person drawing up the will. Hiring an attorney could be costly as compared to writing on your own. One can write the basic will on his own with the cost of hundred to 200 dollars. This is more affordable than hiring an attorney. One can buy the basic template of will online and fill it up. If you want a complicated will with additional documents then it requires more cash.

Hiring a professional can cost up to 1000 dollars. And it is best choosing a professional in case of complicated situations other than that with basic assets one can write his will on his own.

One can create and file a legal will by using do it yourself kits. If your finances are straight forward with very simple final wishes then hiring a professional is not a good idea. But you need to understand the legal language of the document. If you don’t understand that language you do not need to sign at. Also, you need to check if that document is enforceable in your state or not. In some cases, you may require a witness or two. These kits cost up to you only $10.

If you have many assets with a number of beneficiaries and dependents then hiring a professional is the right decision. The professional can guide you in writing up your will without any mistakes. Hiring a professional can cost up to $100 to $400 per hour.

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