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What triggers acne?

There are many people who have the problem of acne and they want to get rid of that and many times they will start getting home treatments that will not provide them good results. They need to get proper tatoo removal dubai from a good skin specialist because when they do not take care of the main reasons then they cannot get rid of acne no matter how many tubes they apply at acne and no matter how many medicines they take. To get the best treatment they have to first know about the reasons behind their acne and also know about the reasons that trigger their acne every time after some time. Here you will get to know about some of the reasons:


Sometimes there is the problem of hormones that will trigger acne on the face and it is not only for females but to the males too. Mostly this happens when the kids are going through the time of puberty because at that time there will be a lot of hormonal changes in the body and they will sometimes cause acne but it is not compulsory for everyone.


Sometimes there are some medicines that will cause acne on the face because they will get to engage with the hormones and then it will create some problems in those hormones. If you are suddenly getting acne then you have to see if you have started taking any particular medicines and ask your doctor about side effects of those medicines but it is temporarily only and you will get rid of that acne once you stop taking that medicine after getting recovered from your illness for which you were taking that medicine.


One of the big reason of acne is diet because when people will start getting conscious about their weight, they will start taking smaller amounts of food and also some selective food then they will have some deficiency in their body of different nutrients and it will be the reason of acne on their face. They need to take more water and when they are start feeling acne or any other problem in their body then they have to stop doing that kind of diet and also consult about their diet to the doctor. There are many dieticians and they have to consult them.

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